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Fuck me insanely hard ...

                                      You can fuck me now.


Name: Lauren

Age: Sixteen

Sex: Insertion = No

Sexuality: Bisexual

Staus: (include picture) I am currently single.

Promote us in 2 places and prove it.

http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=___ixkilledxkat ( In my info. page! )

http://www.livejournal.com/users/xxxxtrippxxxx/17363.html?view=22739#t22739 ( One of my best friend's L.J.s! )


Bands: The Sex Pistols, G.B.H, Subhumans, Against All Authority, and Nekromantix, ect.

Movies: Interview With A Vampire, Shaun Of The Dead, Tons of horror flicks, ect.

Books: In The Forests Of The Night, Cut, Another Broken Mirror, ect. 

Anything else: Music, having fun with my friends, ect.


Bands: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, ect.

Movies: Keep It In Your Pants, Kelly Knows Best, Alien Love, ect.

Books: Alien Love, Melonie, Crave It, ect.

Anything else: Not so likable qualities that are found in most people, certain people, ect.

First Word...

What's the first word that comes to your mind when you read the following?

Rent: Love.

Fight: Punch.

Horror: Film.

Coffee: Vanilla.

Orgy: Fun.

Red: Hair.

Fishnets: Sex.

Flatter the Fucking Mods

Niki :: oonikioo - Nikki, you are the funnest person to get high with. Also, you are one of the prettiest girls that I know.

Hana :: __misbehaving - Hana, you are the only person that I can gave a fun time with, smoking almost a whole pack of crappy cigarettes and talking all night to, in a hot garage. I always have a good time with you.


Homosexuality/Bisexuality/Drags: I feel that this issue is taken too strongly. An  individuals sexuality is their choice; how they feel sexually for another person. Also, it is about one person's caring and loving feelings for another. I would love to see more people accept those people who have feelings and are attracted to the same sex as who they truly are.

Drug Use:: Honestly, I feel that if someone is going to choose to use a drug, they should research it before, so nothing goes horribly wrong. Other then that, I find that it is alright to use a drug every once in a while, if the person who is taking it enjoys it. Though, the person is taking a chance here, seeing as they could get hooked on the drug or while using the drug, harm someone else or themselves.

Alcohol:: I feel the same way about this topic as I do about drug use.

Straightedgers:: I think that it is alright for someone to not use drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke ... as long as they don't lie about it, and say that they do to seem a lot more interesting.

Scenesters:: I think that everyone should be their own person, and I view being a 'Scenester' as only following another person's trend. I am not fond of someone who chooses to be this way.

Sex:: I believe that it is alright to have sex at a decent age. If both people are interested in the same motive, then I see nothing wrong with this. Age is not a factor for me, or the sex of the person.

Abortion:: This seems to be a touchy subject ... I feel that if someone gets pregnant and cannot take care of their child, they should not have an abortion, but have the child and possibly put it in a nice home, where it shall be taken care of. The same goes with rape. Though. if that is not possible, then I wouldn't want the child living in a horrible adoption home. So, I am not too sure if I am 'Pro' or 'Con' on this subject.

Show us your shit

Post 5+ pictures of yourself.

These are all that I have at the moment ...






POST A MEMBER'S PAGE PICTURE HERE- if you don't, I reject you.

I know that it's huge, if you want I can make it smaller?



                                                                                                                               Any final Flattery before we sodomize you?

You two rock the cock x 999! ;) <3 <3

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